Our goal is to increase the number of medicines reaching approval by capturing fuller value from early-stage discoveries


Harnessing innovation

Over time, medicine development costs have soared, yet the conversion rate of investment to approved therapeutics has not kept pace. Promising molecules are often abandoned at pre-clinical or clinical phases, at a significant financial loss to innovators.

Capturing value from deprioritised projects is a way to meet the healthcare needs of tomorrow and enable higher returns on investment in pharmaceutical R&D.

Tailored solutions

Alteral Therapeutics is your gateway to multi-partner collaborations that could unlock the potential in early- and mid-stage molecules. Bringing together technology, ingenuity and tenacity, we offer flexible and scalable solutions that aim to reactivate molecules which have paused their journey to approval.

Letting innovation thrive

For every 100 molecules that go into clinical testing, only 12 will eventually reach patients. Better capital efficiency can be achieved by finding new paths forward for molecules with promise.

To meet the future needs of patients, healthcare professionals, and payers, pharmaceutical innovation must thrive and be more efficient with every dollar of investment.

Alteral Therapeutics works with you to overcome the major barriers in drug development by:

  • Securing funding
  • Demonstrating clinical proof of concept
  • Harnessing scarce drug development expertise
  • Finding novel and alternate paths forward for molecules
  • Co-creating flexible licensing or buyback options

Opportunity landscape

We specialise in capturing the value from discontinued or deprioritised assets in the following areas:

  • Central nervous system
  • Immunology
  • Oncology
  • Endocrinology

    At a glance

    Founding partner Allan Wehnert passionately believe that the pharmaceutical industry can be more effective at getting ahead of disease if investment in drug development becomes more efficient.

    “Too often, late-stage compounds are abandoned because of corporate or strategic reasons, and efficacy or alternate uses are underexplored.”

    – Allan Wehnert, CEO